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Kelowna Cruises COVID 19 Plan

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Organization and Arrangement

  • All staff will wear non-surgical face masks at all time while guests are onboard. Two per employee will be provided by employer.
  • All seating areas on the upper and lower decks will be situated so that guests stay 2 metres apart while seated. Guests will sit at a designated table.
  • Waiting areas will be setup with tape on the floor to ensure guests stay 2 metres apart while moving about on the boat.
  • There will be a flow of traffic set out and marked on the floor to alleviate areas of congestion on the boat.
  • Smoking area on the boat will be eliminated.
  • Sanitation stations will be setup on the lower and upper decks.
  • Sanitizer will be offered to guests as they board the boat.
  • Maximum passenger of each boat will decreased to allow for physical distancing.
  • Encourage guests to dispose of their own garbage, plastic cups, napkins, disposable plates, etc. to limit the amount of contact between guests and staff. Therefore more garbage and recycle cans will be available in public spaces.
  • An extra staff member will be available to ensure extra cleaning is completed and will not affect other duties on board.
  • During an emergency guests and crew will disregard this plan and follow the directions of the Captain.


Fareharbor Booking Questions to Guests 

Do you feel well today?

Have you been diagnosed with COVID 19? If so, you may not be able to cruise with us.

Booking guests at window

A seat will be left unused giving space between employees.

Guests will be encouraged to book online.

Taped line will have guests standing 2 metres from the window to ensure spacing.

Reservation staff will always wear masks.

Boarding guests

Rope and pylons will be setup on the cement area or on the grass area in Stewart Park to keep the ramp area clear before boarding the boat.

The Captain will scan guests board passes through a plexiglass shield.

Guests will be given table numbers and be directed to that table.

Food Service

All food will be plated.

Guests will be called up by table.

There will be a plexiglass divider between the kitchen and the dining area.

Guests will be given an option between glass plate ware and real cutlery or plastic / paper wares.

Bar Service

A line will be taped to the floor to indicate where guests need to stand to order a drink. This will provide a safe distance from the bartender.

For payment tap will be encouraged, there will be a gratuity function on the POS.

No straws or lime wedges in drinks.

Bathroom wait areas

Stickers on the floor will maintain social distancing while guests wait for washrooms.


  • Touch points are cleaned by a staff member every half hour while guests are onboard and recorded. These points will include, toilet handles, sink faucets, and all door handles.
  • The bar service area will be sanitized after each guest. Touch pads on POS machine will be cleaned after each use and tap will be encouraged.
  • A complete clean will be completed after every cruise which will include sanitizing tables and chairs, bar tops, bathroom sinks and all touch points.


  • Prior to each day the Captain will go over the outlined plan with the crew to ensure all employees are following the guidelines set out.
  • Regular staff meeting will be held, as per usual, every two weeks to update employees and take feedback from them.
  • During the Captain’s safety orientation when all guests have boarded, the Captain will explain what is expected from the guests while ordering drinks or food service procedures.
  • Staff will be required to do a self assessment on their health before starting work, if they feel unwell they will not work.
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